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Here’s why you should be heading to Bhutan this summer

Семнадцать мгновений Бутана. Эпилог

В самолете из Паро до Бангкока читаю статью в индийской газете о Бутане - чистый панегирик: "Here’s why you should be heading to Bhutan this summer.

"The Bhutanese all look like they have rich inner lives. (...) Vitality could be thanks to the clean air they breathe, the organic food they eat, the cardiovascular workout they get just going from point A to point B (all roads are uphill here) and the parental level of control their government exercises in their lives. (...)

All the roadside dogs look well-fed and self-actualised.

(...) The sale of cigarettes and tobacco products is banned in Bhutan, the forest cover is maintained at a minimum of 60 per cent by law, and citizens enjoy universal health care. The average urban traffic jam is about three cars deep and no one honks. They have a sexy name for their country: Druk Yul or the land of the thunder dragon. And they actually seem to like their top management, the Wangchuck Dynasty that has ruled for over a century. Beleaguered Indians can’t be blamed for seeing Bhutan as our Canada, the wise neighbor to the north we want to move in with."

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Семнадцать мгновений Бутана. Эпилог 30 мая 2017 года В Домодедове на паспортном контроле очаровательная, загорелая девушка в форме перелистала мой паспорт, позвякивая многочисленными тонкими браслетам


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